The Indian and The Cupboard Study Guide Questions Chapter 3-10


May 14, 2012  

The Indian in the Cupboard Chapter 3 and 4


  1. What does Omri do after he puts the Indian to bed in the tepee?


  1. Why did the car not become ‘real’ like the tepee did when Omri placed them in the cupboard together?


  1. Why was Omri afraid to tell his parents about Little Bear?


  1. What Indian tribe did the Indian belong to?


  1. What did Omri learn about the Indian that was disturbing to Omri?



  1. What did Omri make come alive in the cupboard for Little Bear?


  1. Little Bear and his horse had trouble riding on the carpet in Omri’s bedroom. Where did Omri take them to ride?



  1. What was not a reason that made Omri afraid to let Little Bear and the horse out of the box when they went outdoors?


  1. What did Little Bear think Omri studied in school?



  1. After Little Bear was kicked by the horse, the author states, “Little Bear stood up and walked out of the box. He did not let himself limp.” Why did Little Bear not let himself limp?


  1. When Little Bear put the Listerine and water mixture on his leg, he exclaimed, “This not water. This fire!” Why did Little Bear yell this?



  1. Why was Omri so upset when he saw the injury on Little Bear’s leg?


  1. What did Omri put in the magic cupboard to help Little Bear with his injury?



The Indian in the Cupboard Chapter 5 & 6

  1. What did Omri tell the toy soldier to take away the soldier’s fear when he first came alive?


  1. Why did Omri know immediately that the little soldier would be afraid of Omri when he first came to life?


  1. What was the toy soldier’s name?


  1. Where did the soldier return to when he was put back in the cupboard.


  1. Why does Little Bear demand Omri get him earth, posts and bark?



  1. Omri learned more about the Iroquois Indians from________________.


  1. Where did Omri get the Indian Chief?


  1. How does Omri react to the chief’s death?


  1. How did Omri feel when Little Bear became so demanding and bossy?


  1. Why was Omri’s dad so upset with him at the end of Chapter 6?




  1. What did Omri have to do for his father?

The Indian in the Cupboard Chapter 7 & 8

1. What did Patrick buy Omri at Yapp’s?


2. What does the word cold mean in the following sentence? ‘At the top of the stairs Omri stopped cold. His bedroom door, which he always shut automatically, was wide open.’


3. What were Adiel and Gillon looking at when Patrick and Omri came into the room?



4. Why does the author say that ‘Patrick couldn’t take his eyes off Little Bear’?


5. What does Patrick ask Omri to do?



6. Why do you think Omri hesitates to allow Patrick to have his own plastic person come to life?



7. What is the main idea or theme in chapter 7?



8. When Little Bear attacked Omri with the battle ax, Omri told Little Bear that if he didn’t stop he would_____________________.



9. What plastic toy did Patrick put inside the cupboard?


10. Which sentence tells us that Omri is sensitive and caring about the ‘little people and animals’?



11. How does the cowboy hurt Patrick?



12.. Where does Patrick demand that Omri take the cowboy on the following day?



13. What is the main conflict or problem in chapter 8?



The Indian in the Cupboard

Chapter 9 & 10

1. Why did Omri think it would be easy enough to keep the cowboy anqd Little Bear separated from each other over night?


2. What ‘dialect’ did the cowboy use? (Where is his accent from?)


3. What did Little Bear not ask Omri to get for him?


4. Little Bear said he would dance for Omri if Omri got him a ____________.


5. What was the cowboy’s nickname?


6. Why was the cowboy given that nickname?


7. “Oh knock it off, Little Bear!  Have a truce for breakfast, otherwise you won’t get any.” Leaving him with that thought to chew over, Omri crossed to the crate in which Boone was grooming his white horse.

            What does the word ‘chew’ mean in this sentence?

a.         to put in his mouth and bite on

b.         to give him time to think about it

c.         to grind or pulverize


8. What does the word truce mean?


9. Omri told Boone that if Boone didn’t agree to eat with Little Bear he would tell Little Bear ____________________.

10. Boone asked Omri to bring him ___________________to drink with his breakfast.


11. Why didn’t Boone try to shoot Little Bear with his gun after their breakfast?


12. “All right boys. That’s enough,” said Omri, in his father’s firm end-of-the-fight voice. “It’s a draw. Now you must get cleaned up for school.”

What does the word draw mean?








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